ILO: “How Do You Lip Read a Robot?"" - Recruitment AI has a Disability Problem

  • Duration 54 Min.
  • Video Language en

This session explores the unacknowledged risks to the more than 1.3 billion persons with disabilities triggered by the fast-growing use of Artificial Intelligence powered recruitment tools. Why do leaders of the global ethical AI debate disregard the potential harm to more than 1.3 billion people living today with disabilities and to the hundreds of millions who will become disabled in time? Will the HR cost savings generated by AI Technology outweigh the potential damage to the life chances of so many?Should AI developers be required to prove their HR products are ‘safe’ before they can put them on the market? How do we minimise the risks to both the employer and the job seeker worldwide? Join Yves Veulliet IBM, Susan Scott-Parker ‘business disability international’ and Stefan Tromel ILO Global Business Disability Network, as they consider the ethical, legal, reputation and operational risks confronting organisations turning to artificial intelligence for help in winning the war for talent.

Yves Veulliet, IBM, Belgium
Susan Scott-Parker, ‘business disability international’, United Kingdom
Stefan Tromel, ILO Global Business Disability Network, Switzerland
Selin Nugent, Institute for Ethical AI Oxford University, United Kingdom

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