Promoting Worldwide Inclusive Wage Employment

  • Duration 54 Min.
  • Video Language en

In this round table, Humanity & Inclusion, the international NGO, will present their methodology for addressing inclusive wage employment in developing countries, working both with the environment and with persons directly. To illustrate this methodology, Humanity & Inclusion-teams from the field will share their experiences from India and the Philippines.

CĂ©line Trublin, Humanity & Inclusion, France
Audrey Relandeau, Humanity & Inclusion, France
Jose Kurian, Humanity & Inclusion India, India
Jennifer Anne Mendoza, Humanity & Inclusion Philippines, Philippines
Susanne Hamscha, The Fulbright Program (Europe), Germany
Kelli Swazey, The Fulbright Program (East Asia & the Pacific), Indonesia
Jeremy Gombin-Sperling, Humanity& Inclusion India, India

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