Focus on: Cutting-edge technologies - AD

  • Duration 10 Min.
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In this Session, cutting edge technologies are on stage, so brandnew and innovative that the Zero Project puts this special limelight on them: (1) “Guide me”, an online support system, (2) “Lichtwerk” (Belgium) introduce Smart Assistive Augmented Reality (AR) to work stations, (3) “Ask Tobi” (Austria) is a web search feature targeted at persons with intellectual disabilities, (4) “Vem CA” (from Escola de Gente, Brazil) has a focus on accessibility for different cultural events like cinemas, theatres and shows, (5) “Atvisor” (Israel) is a digital platform that supports assessments of Assistive Technologies, and (6) Equalizent (Austria) has developed innovative games for deaf persons.

Klaus Miesenberger, JKU, Austria
Christopher Lee, G3ICT, United States of America

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