Accessible Maps and tools for navigation and mobility

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How will technology improve the mobility of people with disabilities in the future? In this community, created by members of the Zero Project network, with Martin Morandell and Hilfsgemeinschaft (Austria) as community managers, solution providers are highlighting how emerging technology will contribute to independence, mobility and navigation.

Markus Raffer, Tec Innovation, Austria
Maayan Ziv, AccessNow, Canada
Hugo Furtado, Dreamwaves, Austria
Ersin Guray, Poilabs, Turkey
Jamie Rutherford, Enable Scotland, United Kingdom
Jose Gaztambide, GoodMaps, United States of America
Werner Bischof, GuideMe, Austria
Anxo Queriruga, COCEMFE, Spain
Deepak Kumar, Billion Ables Services Pvt Ltd, India
Matthew McCann, Access Earth, Ireland
Masahito Kawamori, WayFindr, Japan
René Espinoza Jimenez, Lazarillo, United States of America
Ogulcan Baskan, WeWalk, Turkey
Weiquin Chen, Oslo University, Norway
Makoto Kobajashi, Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan
Bernd Gruber, ESRI, United States of America
Jack Saba, Sasol Qatar, Qatar
Iain Macbriar, QV associates, United Kingdom
Ambrosius Baanders, you, Netherlands

Zero Project Mission Statement:
Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers.

The Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities, worldwide.


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