Inclusion International: How to ensure CRPD-Compliance in employment programming

  • Duration 55 Min.
  • Video Language en

Inclusion International recently released a report on the exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Official Development Assistance (ODA) using OECD-DAC-CRS data. This report found that people with intellectual disabilities are only included in 0.02% of ODA. It also found that much of the programming that does include people with intellectual disabilities does not comply with the CRPD - including 36% of livelihoods/employment programming. This session will build on that CRPD compliance in livelihoods data, and will present a practical how-to for governments, civil society and businesses to ensure that their employment work is in line with the CRPD and with human rights.

Sue Swenson, Inclusion International, United Kingdom
Thomas Holberg, Landsforeningen LEV, Denmark
Silvia Muñoz, Plena Inclusion, Spain
Pooja Gopee, Inclusion Mauritius, Mauritius

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