The Valuable 500 Approach: Ichiro Kabasawa (Nippon Foundation), Carmine di Sibio (EY), Paul Polman

  • Duration 59 Min.
  • Video Language en

The Valuable 500 is a global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. The Valuable 500 needs national and multinational, private sector corporations to be the tipping-point for change and help unlock the social and economic value of people living with disabilities across the world. Because the potential of 1.3 billion should not be ignored. No matter if corporations just embark on their journey to disability inclusion, if they are scaling up or leading the charge, joining The Valuable 500 will show the world how it’s done.

Caroline Casey, Valuable 500, Ireland
Ichiro Kabasawa, Nippon Foundation, Japan
Carmine di Sibio, EY, USA
Paul Polman, Valuable 500, UK

Zero Project Mission Statement:
Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers.

The Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities, worldwide.


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