Frances West Co: Up- and Re-skill through technology, regardless of age or ability

  • Duration 55 Min.
  • Video Language en

This panel discussion, organized by the US-based consultancy Frances West Co, brings together world-leading experts to discuss the importance of using technology to upskill and reskill people who are aging and with disabilities. The discussion will move beyond hiring but to focus on the agile thinking, skill growth and career sustainability in a highly unpredictable and disruptive physical and digital environments. The emphasis will be on what kind of new workplace thinking, strategy and technology design and solutions will be needed to ensure that people who are aging and/or with disabilities not just have a job but can thrive in the new economy where digital technology will underpin.

Frances West, FrancesWestCo, United States of America
Alison Bryant, AARP, United States of America
Nic Palmarini, New Castle University, United Kingdom
Stela Lupushor, Reframe.Work, United States of America
Josh Miller, 3Playmediam, United States of America
Troy Otillio, Aira, United States of America

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