Communication tools blind and low vision

  • Duration 53 Min.
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Communication is one of the basic needs of human beings. For blind and visually impaired persons tools for communication need to adapt to the requirements of the users. Communication is a multi-channel relation. The digital revolution we faced over the last 40 years brought many improvements and chances for Persons with Disabilities, especially for blind and visually impaired people. On the other hand, we also see the challenges to avoid the increase of the digital divide, caused by inaccessibility to services and products. AI, IoT, Smart-Devices, Smart-Homes and Smart-Cities will play a key role in the future of communication. What will be the technological gamechangers you see at the horizon?

Klaus Hoeckner, Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, Austria
Klaus Miesenberger, JKU, Austria
Pilar Orero, UAB, Spain
Markus Raffer, TechInnovation, Austria
David Banes, Banes Consulting, United Kingdom
Monica Duhem, hearcolors, Mexico
Neha Arora, Planet Abled, India
Nick Lum, Bee Reader, United States of America
Adi Khan, Migdal Or, Israel

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