Israel Elwyn: “Zooming-in” on employers during changing environments

  • Duration 44 Min.
  • Video Language en

The session, organized by the NGO Israel Elwyn - will focus on strategies to engage, recruit, and maintain employers in hiring people with intellectual disabilities in the competitive job market, especially during crisis and changing environments. Through a guided panel, the session will emphasize the issue from four point of views: the employee, the employer, Israel Elwyn’s job placement program staff, and the Israeli government. Moreover, a Uruguayan NGO will represent the South American perspective on this prescient topic.

David B. Marcu, Israel Elwyn, Israel
Shelly Nordheim- Golan, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, Israel
Eugenia Gonzalez, Fundación Bensadoun Laurent, Uruguay
Racheli Fruchter, Israel Elwyn, Israel
Yariv Leers, Israel Elwyn, Israel
Rami Sar-Shalom, Peamit Store (employer), Israel

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