LUPD: ICT Inclusion as a strategy for socio-economic recovery

  • Duration 54 Min.
  • Video Language en

Unemployment and other forms of drastic loss of primary economic resources have been among the most critical outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic for persons with disabilities and their families in the Arab Region and across the globe. As ICT has been the primary socio-economic reintegration platform for many, the majority of persons with disabilities remain disadvantaged by lacking sufficient support to retain opportunities of employment during this pandemic. In this Session, organized by the Lebanese Union of Persons with Physical Disabilities (LUPd) of Lebanon, representatives of disabled people organizations and private sector companies will come together to share their perspective and discuss possible cooperation strategies.

Susan Scott-Parker, Business Disability International, United Kingdom
David Banes, Access and Inclusion Services, United States of America
Sylvana Lakkis, LUPD, Lebanon
Deepti Raja, World Bank, United States of America
Stefan Troemel, ILO, Switzerland
Mohammed Ali Loutfi, G3ict, Lebanon

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