How to build online-communities

  • Duration 37 Min.
  • Video Language en

Online communities are a powerful to share expertise, to learn and to empower. But it is a challenge to organize such groups and networks in a sustainable way. The webinar is organised by the Zero Project ‘Building online communities’ solution group, and shares experiences of succesful models from India, Nepal and Switzerland.

Moses Chowardi Gorrepati, Enable India, India
Boryana Milova, Independent, Switzerland
Annet van der Hoeck, Karuna Foundation, Netherlands
Matthijs Nederveen, EnableMe Foundation, Switzerland
Prabina Tandukar, Karuna Foundation, Nepal

Zero Project Mission Statement:
Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers.

The Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities, worldwide.


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