IMHCN The right to work employment and deinstitutionalization _short

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Presentations in this session, organized by the International Mental Health Collaborating Network (IMHCN), will focus on the international context of vocational rehabilitation and job placement. Also on deinstitutionalization in Europe today, with the example of the reform process in Slovenia, e.g. the project of developing job opportunities in the social care home Dom Na Krasu, Dutovlje, Slovenia, during the process of phasing out. Another topic are successful models as IPS and social cooperatives/enterprises and ICT examples. Health and legal implications of the ""right to work"" will be linked to its practical implementation, as far as community-based developments and programs are concerned.

Roberto Mezzina, IMHCN, Italy
Rene Vremec, Project Team Dom Na Krasu, Dutovlje, Slovenia
John Jenkins, IMHCN Chair, Italy
Stefania Grimaldi, Cooperativa Sociale La Collina, Italy
Jan Pfeiffer, Ministry of Health, Czech Republic
Andreja Rafaelic, Lead Project, Dom Na Krasu, Dutovlje, Slovenia
Angelo Fioritti, DSMDP, AUSL Bologna, Italy
Paul Baker, IMHCN, UK

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