Spawnpoint and Accessible Gaming: Event - Preview

  • Duration 45 Min.
  • Video Language en

The gaming agency Woop has set itself the goal of making gaming an experience in all situations. One area that is close to their hearts is accessibility, especially in gaming. That is why they are starting of a series of events called "Spawnpoint" in February 2021. This will serve as a platform for everyone who wants to exchange ideas in this area, regardless of whether they are developers, those affected or content producers. In the video, the current situation of accessibility in gaming is discussed with selected specialists. Afterwards Thomas and Marina of Woop are available for an interview in which both the topic and Spawnpoint itself are discussed.


Wilfried Kainz, Zero Project, Austria
David Hofer, LIFETOOL, Austria
Thomas Gei├čler, Spawnpoint, Austria
Marina Wallner, Spawnpoint, Austria

Zero Project Mission Statement:
Our mission is working for a world with zero barriers.

The Zero Project finds and shares models that improve the daily lives and legal rights of all persons with disabilities, worldwide.


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